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Spring Newsletter Page 1

Here's the front page of the second edition of our newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the read.  We are open to suggestions and feedback, so please get in touch.  If you'd like to include something in the next edition, send through your articles.

Spring Newsletter Page 2

Page 2 - enjoy!

NLP Conference November 2012

Here's Vicky talking at the NLP Conference in London.  Her talk was on creating a niche NLP business through using social media.  This is a short clip of her presentation.

Virginia Satir: Forgiving parents

If you've not come across the work of the amazing late Virginia Satir before, here's a chance for you to see a clip of her in action.  She was one of the original great therapists who were modelled by Bandler & Grinder when they formed NLP and her work forms a major element within NLP Psychotherapy.  She has a very unique style of 'sculpting' people to act out scenarios to make positive change, using not only the 'client' but also the 'audience'.  Enjoy the clip, where s...

Our First Ever Newsletter Page 1

Here's our first ever quarterly newsletter.  We hope you enjoy the read.  Please feel free to offer any feedback.  If you want to contribute to future editions, send us through your articles and news.

Our First Ever Newsletter Page 2

Here's page 2 of our first ever quarterly newsletter.  Enjoy!

Fritz Perls on Gestalt Therapy

Here's a really good montage of clips of Fritz Perls talking about Gestalt Therapy.  He talks about the 6 components of his work in a really clear way.  You can see why he was one of the original therapists to be modelled by the founders of NLP.  It's only a short video and well worth a watch.  It's a great way to help develop your understanding of how to model your client within a therapy session and, of course, parts and wholeness.  "Any interpretation is a thera...

A true inspiration - Virginia Satir

Here's a short video clip of a truly amazing woman - Virginia Satir.  One of the original world renowned experts who was modelled by Bandler & Grinder in the creation of NLP, she has been a constant source of inspiration in my own NLPt work.  If you've not come across her videos before, they are really worth watching.  She has such compassion and insight and is a truly amazing family therapist.

Not Enough Empirical Research in NLPt?

I recently approached a very respected University, renowned for it’s Psychology department, to broach the subject of affiliation for my NLP Psychotherapy course. I was received at the initial meeting I had with one of the department’s eminent doctors, with mild interest and an abundance of scepticism and preformed judgement. It was made very clear that clinical psychologists have a view of NLP (and NLP Psychotherapy) as being in the realms of snake oil sellers and charlatans....

The Current Dis-Education System

Listen to Dr Wyatt Woodsmall talk about our current dis-education system and how our children are being told 'the great lie'.  As our education system focusses on cramming content into young minds, extensive research shows that it's those with emotional intelligence who really succeed.  However, what is success?  Is success something that is subjective and very personal to each individual?  Wyatt talks about wisdom and I absolutely agree.  However, to say that we n...

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